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Another purpose of this blog is to provide a genealogical guide to the church of St.Alban the Martyr which is situated in St.John's Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex. Like many churches it contains a wealth of material of interest to people studying local history and family history. It is our intention to provide, as best we can, information about the many people who are commemorated in this beautiful church. Obviously this is a work in progress and the project has only just begun so we ask for your patience. If you have, or think you might have, historical connections with the church, we'd love to hear from you.

1914-1918 WAR MEMORIAL

The High Altar Sanctuary is also the memorial chapel for those who died in the First World War. The names are recorded on two tablets the first is on the left hand side and the second on the right.
As early as November 1917 the congregation of St. Alban's had met and decided that some fitting memorial of a permanent nature should be erected in the church to the memory of those many members of the church family who had made the great sacrifice in the World War of 1914. Accordingly a committee was set up to make suggestions as to the form such a memorial should take, the committee unanimously recommended a reredos, a painting eight feet by three feet immediately above the High Altar and panelling to a height of seven feet from the floor on the north and south sides of the Sacrarium. These three suggestions were adopted and carried out. An appeal for funds was launched by the War Memorial Committee as soon as its proposals had been adopted, and so gratifying was the response that the decoration was completed by 20th June 1920 on which date it was dedicated by the Bishop of Chelmsford.

Nobody who has studied the residents of Southend and District can fail to be in debt to Jeffrey Jarvis's magnificent THE SOUTHEND AND DISTRICT ROLL OF HONOUR published in 1998.
We freely acknowledge that we have drawn heavily on this mammoth work in researching those members of our congregation that died during the 1914-1918 war.

It has become evident that some names on the monument plaques are spelled wrong and some have erroneous or differing initials. I have tried to correct these where information is available from other published sources. Rank, Regiment and Westcliff connection (where known) is given below as well as the date of death. Further information may appear in the main section of the blog as noted (*) below.  


* denotes that we have information which has already been published on the blog.

ADAMS, Alfred T.                                 Boatswain. Mercantile Marine. 13 Maldon Rd. Southend. 1/5/17
ADAMS, Frederick                                Sgt, 2nd Essex Reg. Parents lived at 13 Maldon Road, Southend. 23/10/16  
ADAMSON, Ernest G                            Private, 13th Royal Fusiliers. "Innsbruck" Burdett Ave, Westcliff. 1/7/16
ALDER, Harold B  *                              Acting Sgt. 1/9 London Reg (Queen Victoria Rifles) "Roslea" Anerly Rd 25/5/15
BACON, William G                               Private. 11th Royal Sussex Regt. 31 Avenue Terrace. Server at St.Albans. 25/9/17  
BARKHAM, F.G.                                   Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery. 152 Salisbury Avenue. Westcliff  29/7/18               
BEARD, Frederick P *                           Rifleman, 5 Battalion Rifle Brigade. 35 Preston Road, Westcliff. 1/7/16  
BELL, Horace A                                     Private. 8th Lincolnshire Regt. Lived Westcliff. 22/8/18                 
BERGERNIE, Arthur Etheridge  *         Pte. 14 Bn. London Reg. (London Scottish).40 Grosvenor Road, Westcliff 19/9/16
BOULTON, Percy                                   58th Bn. Canadian Infantry. Parents at 15 Park Crescent.
BOX, Harold Francis *                            Lieutenant. Royal Engineers (Signals). The Rectory, Benfleet.
BOYLE, Percy Robert                            Sergeant, 1/12 London Regt.(Rangers) "Tryst" Westborough Road, Westcliff 1/7/16 
BROOKS, Cecil H. H.                            Pte. Queens West Surrey Reg. 81 Burdett Ave. Westcliff. 8/1/19
BROOKS, Frederick Oswald                  Pte. Machine Gun Corps. 17/10/20. Brother of above. Not  listed on memorial.                                      
BROWN, William
BRUNSDEN, Cecil Stuart                     Corporal (2nd Airman) R.A.F. Lived Silverdale Ave. Parents in Milton Rd. 18/11/18                                                             
BURTON, Stanley G.                             2nd Lieutenant. 99 Squadron R.A.F. Parents at Thorpe Bay. 30/7/18
BURTON, Sidney                                   Sgt. 7th Rifle Brigade. Military Medal. Parents at 12 Cliff Avenue. 30/11/17
BUTT, Edwin                                          Driver,  538 Coy Army Service Corp. 10/10/18

CARTER, Eccles J  *                             Lieutenant. Royal Navy. 5/9/14
CLAPPEN, Percival *                            Pte. 2nd London Scottish.  "Corinium" Wickford Road, Westcliff. 1/7/16

COOK, Ernest                                        Pte. 15 Coy. Machine Gun Corp. Lived Southend. 27/9/16
CROMPTON, Percy Edgar                    Corporal. 1st Coldtream Guards. 10 Rayleigh Ave. Westcliff. 27/11/17
CROWE, Harry Rowland                      On plaque as "Harry W. Crow". Sergeant. Essex Regt. 11/8/16  

DINES, John F.P.                                   2nd Lieutenant. 9th Devonshire Reg. Lived Leigh on Sea.
DOUGLAS, Leslie                                Corporal, 47 Div. Royal Engineers. The Dairy, Chessington Road, Westcliff. 24/9/15
DRAYSON, John                                   Company Sgt.Major. Northumberland Fusiliers. 77 Princes Street. Southend 16/6/18

 ELLIS, Thomas                                     Pte. 11th Essex Reg. 34 Dolphin Terrace, Eastwick Rd. Westcliff. 2/5/18

FAIRPLAY, Charles F.                           Lance Corp. Duke of York's Light Infantry. 87 St.Helen's Road, Westcliff. 20/7/15
FISHER, Herbert James                         Pte. 1st Essex Reg. Lived 13 Rayleigh Avenue. 14/4/17
FROST E.G.W.                                      6th Bn. Essex Regiment. 5/2/18.

GREEN, George Charles                         Pte. 2nd Lincolnshire Reg. Parents lived in Westcliff. 1/7/16            
GROOMBRIDGE, Clement Thomas *     2nd Lieutenant.1/4 Leicestershire Reg.119 York Rd. Parents at 99 St.Helen's Rd.

HARDY, Gathorne *                               On plaque as "Gaythorne". 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Fusiliers. Lived Westcliff.           
HARRISON, Norman F.                          Rifleman, 12th London Regiment. Lived "Ellesmere" West Rd. Westcliff. 9/9/16
HARVEY, William J.                               Lance Corporal, 8th Rifle Brigade. Lived Osborne Road, Westcliff. 12/9/15
ALEX J. HEASMAN                              Gunner, Royal Field Artillery. Lived 7 North Road, Southend. 20/4/18
HENRY E. HIGGINS                              4th Bn. Middlesex Reg. 63 Salisbury Avenue. 11/4/17
HILLS, Ernest                                          Lance Corp. 2nd Essex Regt. Lived 9 Osborne Road, Westcliff. 3 or 4/4/15
HILLS, Henry Thomas                            Pte. Army Service Corps. Born Westcliff. Lived 3 Workhouse Cottages Rochford.                                                                  Parents living in Balmoral Road. 13/10/18
HILLS, Vincent                                        Pte. Machine Gun Corps. 7 Balmoral Road, Westcliff. 4/4/17 
                                                                  The three Hills brothers are listed as "Hill".
HOLT, A.C.                                              Pte. 1/7 Battalion Middx Regiment. Lived 13 Balmoral Road, Westcliff.

HOPE, Herbert Alfred                              Flt. Lieutenant. 25 Squadron. R.F.C. Lived 8 Manor Road, Westcliff. 28/7/17         HUNT, Arthur Warner *                          2nd Lieutenant. 18th attached 11th Essex Regiment. Parents lived 39 St.Helens
                                                                  Road. 28/4/18

JEHRING, William                                  Sub Lieutenant, Royal Naval Div. Parents lived 134 Alexexandra Road. 28/10/17
JOHNSON, Godfrey                                Rifleman, London Rifle Brigade. Lived 104 York Road, Southend.

KENNY, Hilary  *                                    Sub Lieutenant, Royal Naval Div. Lived 11 Avenue Terrace. 26/3/18 Server at St.

LEATHERDALE, Alan Richard  *          Corporal. Royal Fusiliers. 18/9/16
LEATHERDALE, Donald Ryan   *           2nd Lieutenant, 1st Bn. West Kent Reg. 22/7/16
WILLIAM S. LEWIN                              Guardsman. Grenadier Guards. 10/6/19
LLOYD, Harry                                         A.B. Drake Battn, Royal Naval Div. Live 16 Summercourt Rd. 1/5/17.
LLOYD, James                                         Pte. 13th Essex Regiment. 16 Summercourt Rd. 9/5/18 Brother of above
LOCKET, George Elmer.                          2nd Lieutenant Suffolk Regiment. 28/6/15
LYONS,  Ernest                                         Rifleman, Rifle Brigade. 48 Summercourt Road 25/8/16                     

MARLOW, Arthur                                   Pte.2nd Essex Regiment. Lived 35 Brighten Road, Southend. 3/7/16
MARTIN, Eric Tomlinson                       2nd Lieutenant. 9th Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry. Westcliff Ave. 1/10/16             
MATHIAS, William J.                             Corporal, 1st Canadian Contingent. Lived Tintern Avenue, Westcliff  24/4/15
MILES, Harold Gordon                           2nd Lieutenant, 19th Duke of Cornwall's Lt.Inf. 26 Anerly Road. 4/8/16
MOORE, Phillip Cuthbert                       3rd Officer, Mercantile Marine. Lived 12 Valkyrie Road, Westcliff. 30/10/14 
MORING, Bernard Morton                      Pte, 1st Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. Lived 78 Balmoral Road. 6/4/16
MOSS, Percy C.                                       Pte, 11th Queen's Royal West Surrey Reg. Lived 13 Summercourt Rd. 19/9/18 

NETHERCOTT, Herbert A,                     Rifleman, Canadian Mounted Rifles. Lived 28 Elderton Road, Westcliff. 17/5/16
NICOLE, George Leslie                           Sergeant. Lived 83 Pall Mall, Leigh on Sea. 24/4/17

OAKENFULL, Herbert Joseph                2nd Lieutenant 10th London Regiment. Lived Hamlet Court Road. 8/10/16

PARISH, John W.                                     Pte. 10th Battn. Essex Regiment. Lived 29 Salisbury Avenue
PATTEN, Percy                                        Pte. 18th King's Liverpool Reg. Lived 7 Eastwick Road, Westcliff.  9/4/17
PATTERSON, Horace                              Died 1919
PERFECT, Reginald Stanley                    Pte.2/5 London Regiment (Cyclists) Lived 18 Burdett Ave. 5/4/17

RAMSEY, Ernest William                        Pte. 4th Devonshire Regiment. Lived 8 Albion Way. 28/9/17
ROGERS, George Robert                        Company Sergeant Major. Essex Regt. 14/10/18
ROSIER, James Erle Radcliff                  Lived 41 Meteor Road, Westcliff.

SHEARS, Reginald*                                 Rifleman 1/9 Battn Queen Victoria Rifles. Lived in Anerly Road. 1/8/16
SMELLIE, John Ormond*                        Lieutenant. Machine Gun Corp. Lived 273 London Road. 6/8/17
SMITH, Robert H.
SMITHER, Harold                                   2nd Lieutenant 48 Squadron R.F.C. Lived Westcliff. 6/7/17

SQUIRE, Leslie C.H.                               2nd Lieutenant 7th London Reg. High View, The Cliffs, Southend. 13/5/15
STAPLEY, Laurence d'Arcy  *                  2nd Lieutenant 7th Suffolk Reg. 37 Preston Road, Westcliff. 12/10/16
THAKE, James John  *                            Pte. Essex Regt.
TOON, Reginald                                      Pte. 13 Royal Sussex Reg. 31 Cranleigh Road, Westcliff.

WARREN, Major Arthur                         Pte. 4th Genadier Guards. 15 Brighton Rd. Southend. 28/9/15
WATKINS, Frederick Augustus              2nd Lieutenant. 7th East Yorkshire Reg. Parents at Ramuz Drive.Westcliff. 24/3/18
 WILLSMER, Reginald Claude                Rifleman. 53 Y.S.btn Rifle Brigade. 24 Eastwick Road, Westcliff. 27/10/18
WILSON, Lewis Cyril                             Rifleman 15th Ldn Reg (Civil Service Rifles) 41 Elderton Rd, Westcliff. Server at
                                                                  St. Albans. 

WILSON, Charles W.H.                          Pte. 8th Queens Royal West Surrey Reg. 24 Milton Road. 11/10/18
WRIGHT, George                                    Rifleman 12th London Reg.(The Rangers). 25/9/16
WRIGHT, Francis W.                              This listing is possibly erroneous and probably refers to Pt.Robert Francis Wright
                                                     who lived at 625 London Road and worked in Hamlet Court Road.

Those St.Alban's war dead from The Great War who are buried in Southend Cemetery at Sutton Road are interred  in the right hand section of area "E" on the above map. I have photographs of the graves and also of many other Great War Graves in the Cemetery. I am happy to share these. Please contact the e-mail address in the right hand column.

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