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Another purpose of this blog is to provide a genealogical guide to the church of St.Alban the Martyr which is situated in St.John's Road, Westcliff on Sea, Essex. Like many churches it contains a wealth of material of interest to people studying local history and family history. It is our intention to provide, as best we can, information about the many people who are commemorated in this beautiful church. Obviously this is a work in progress and the project has only just begun so we ask for your patience. If you have, or think you might have, historical connections with the church, we'd love to hear from you.



During the persecution of the Christians, ordered by the Roman Emperor Diocoetian, which extended even to Britain, a Christian priest fleeing for his life, came to the house of a pagan named Alban, living in Verulam (the modern city of St.Albans). Alban gave shelter to the fugitive, hiding him for several weeks and was so struck by the beauty of the religion he preached and practised that he was converted to Christianity. After some time the Roman Governor of Verulam learnt that the priest was in Alban's house and he sent soldiers to arrest him. Alban changed clothes with the priest and, having sent him away secretly, then gave himself up to the soldiers, who brought him to the Governor.

The Governor was very angry when he found that the prisoner was not the man he was searching for and demanded of Alban, "What is your name and race?" Alban replied, "How does my family concern you? Know that I am a Christian and bound by the laws of Christ." "I demand to know your name," said the Governor. "My parents named me Alban and I worship and adore the living and true God who created all things, and His Son, the Lord Christ." This reply so incensed the Governor that he ordered Alban to be flogged, hoping to shake his constancy of heart, but when he saw that Alban could not be made to denounce God, he ordered him to be beheaded immediately.

Alban was led away by the soldiers and a great crowd of people followed them to the place of execution. This was a hill, whose sides sloped gently down from the plain and were covered with many kinds of wild flowers, their beauty providing a worthy place for the Martyr's death. there at the summit Alban met his death with gallantry and received the crown of life which God has promised to those who love him.

Alban is often depicted as a Roman soldier, possibly because Verulam  is believed to be an area where land was granted to retired Roman legionaries.

Almighty God,
By whose grace and power your holy Martyr Alban
triumphed over suffering and was faithful unto his death:
strengthen us with your grace,
that we may endure reproach and persecution
and faithfully bear witness to the name
Jesus Christ, your Son, Our Lord,
who lives and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


The St. Alban Hymn, written by a former vicar of the church, is sung on the nearest Sunday to St. Alban's feast day. While the hymn is sung the congregation follows the priest and servers to the statue of St. Alban where they lay flowers, traditionally a rose, on a table set in front of the statue. The Hymn is sung to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers".


Praise God for St.Alban
Martyred for the Lord
Slain in pagan Britain
By the tyrant's sword

1.                                                          .
Praise God for St.Alban,                   
Martyred for the Lord,                       
Slain in pagan Britain,                      
By the tyrant's sword.                         
Though since St.Alban suffered          
Centuries have gone,                          
Still his life inspires us                    
And his faith lives on.                         

Praise God for the kindness              
Alban showed the priest,                    
Who appealed for refuge                   
Till the terror ceased                           
And for that compassion                     
Leading him to make                              
Sacrifice of freedom                               
For the old man's sake                        

Praise God for the wisdom                ,                                            
Of that noble youth
Who despite the peril
Turned to Christian truth
Long held pagan precepts
Alban sacrificed
For the higher teaching
That he found in Christ                                                                                                     

Praise God for the promise
Of Eternal Life,
That encouraged Alban
In the Day of Strife;
Though condemned and helpless
Kept from home and friend
Hope of Heaven held him
Faithful to the end.

Praise God for the meekness
Alban could display,
Others of his breeding
Scorned the Christian way.
But though rank proclaimed him
Wealthy and secure
He abandoned all to help
The Persecuted poor.

Preaise God for the courage
In his bold reply
When he was commanded
Jesus to deny.
Steadfast in allegiance
In his trial's hour
Alban found the triumph
Of the Spirit's power.
St. Alban's Cathedral stands on the spot where Alban was executed

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